A very creative Irish person

A recent picture of me, Emlyn Boyle.
A picture of the author, by the author.

A triple terror of Irish myth

Three pairs of golden eyes watch from a dark cave.
Art/photography by author

A personal look at all spooks’ night

A glowing jack o’ lantern on Halloween night.
Halloween 2018 (photo by author)

A ghostly bond

Photograph by the author

An Irish short story of give and take

A girl standing alone in an Irish field.
Art by the author

A six word spooky story

A countryside field littered with bales, the full moon above.
Photograph by author

Oscar Wilde’s secret love poem?

The silhouette of a faun, playing against the dusk sky.
The Faun at Wilde play (art by author)

An imaginary letter to a favorite writer

A young boy reading a Stephen King novel, with bats swarming behind him.
Me discovering Stephen King (art by author)

Maurice Sendak’s mini masterpiece

One of Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things, watching us by a tree.
Photograph by author

A tiny tale of colossal terror

A terrified girl looks out a window, at an enormous shape beyond.
Digital painting by the author

Emlyn Boyle

An Irish born and based artist, writer, photographer, animator and generally very creative person.

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